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ToolWorth is the leader for high precision injection mould and moulding. Serverd industry ranged from very precision gear parts to electronical part,printer, and automove .Service from concept design to completion, shipping and moulding.

ToolWorth locates in the international mold manufacturing base, Dongguan China, exports moulds 600 sets annually, 90% of them are for the America, Europe and Japan market. And it now has developed into one of the medium-sized enterprises in the molding industry of China. ToolWorth Established in 1998, offering superior quality, punctual delivery. (main business is for Automotive for bumper, instrument panel, door panel, indicator cover, intake manifold, follow that is home appliance for LCD Screen, electronic, medical¡­).

We has been recognized as a leader in ultra precision complex plastic injection molds.
The company employs 180 employees, includes 160 tooling staff, and 20 engineers specializing in designing with CAD/CAM/CAE. ToolWorth equipped with the most advanced soft wares such as PROE, UG, CATIA.......

You are welcomed to visit ToolWorth in Dongguan or send your technical drawings to us for analysis and quotation. We are sure to serve you well.

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